Favini Poster Heroes 2020

  • Concept, Art Direction, Crafts: Davide Falzone, Ketty Parente

  • Output: Poster

  • Year: 2020

  • Material: Paper


Humans at Work is the new title of the Posterheroes competition 2020, which asks the international creative community to express their vision on the theme of work and workers by creating a 70×100 cm poster.


Discover more: www.posterheroes.org

Your place is the place

Flexible workspaces drive creativity and innovation, generate relationships that go beyond company boundaries, stimulate new ideas, and therefore business. The paper-crafted building suggests this idea, losing its definition of closed space and hovering in the air like a colibri.

Humans come first

Work is dialogue, inclusiveness, exchange and physical contact. Without these conditions there can be no work and not even smart work. This paper-crafted type design turns into an embrace, the beginning of a project, an exchange of ideas.

Light up dignity

Forced labor, modern slavery and trafficking in human beings are still a daily reality. People are not automata, nor work tools.

The dignity of the worker must be protected in all its forms.

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